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"It's Just GOOD Business!"

This iCop™ newsletter is for anyone interested in online business - "Just GOOD Business!"

The Online Business Trade Journal™ is vitally important to online business owners and anyone considering an online business!  This is the same newsletter our iCop members receive with their membership!

Our goal is to keep folks informed. We give you step by step directions on exactly how to protect yourself as a business owner - AND as a consumer - online.  And, we answer reader questions right in the newsletter!

Online Business Trade Journal™

You'll discover such things as ...

  • How to do your own due diligence on a company before handing over your money!
  • The newest marketing trends
  • How publishers & marketers must comply with spam laws
  • The best-liked software to do specific jobs for you
  • Keeping up with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Regulations
  • Why use a third-party merchant account & how to do it
  • How to spot unethical & deceptive online business practices
  • Companies to avoid at all costs
  • Current online issues that can affect your business
  • What's "hype" and what isn't
  • How to use search engines to your benefit
  • How to get your articles published
  • How to survive - and prosper - as Online Business comes of age as a serious industry!

We report on businesses using questionable business ethics, those using hidden charges, etc., and outright scams. 

*  Here's What Our Readers Have to Say!  *

Have subscribed to many, have canceled most (99.9%).  Your newsletter is great!  It's informative, interesting, humorous and written with quality and style.  I look forward to reading it every week.  More people need to read your stuff.  The Internet is a vast black hole, waiting to swallow the unsuspecting, the newbies, and the trusting.  I am so pleased you are on the web ... to help guard against crooks and other low lifes.

Monique Jones

Boy did YOU save my behind!  I have been reviewing various affiliate programs for my 3D images and  the one you mentioned as a "Stay Away" company is one I was looking at.  Thanks a million for the HEADS UP!

Heather Colman

This is the ONLY newsletter I read, word by word, to the end.  It's nice to know that there are actually real people behind this and not human robots trying to sell something with the same sales pitches.  Thank you for this ezine.  :)

Kathy McClaren

Don't take out the personal comments.  If you do, you'll become one of those publishers that "have nothing to say."  The priorities go to something that can brighten the day or make the reading a bit more interesting.  It's the personal comments and anecdotes that make me read the whole darn thing.

Tom Mahoney

I love your ezine... always have, it's one of the few I still consistently read.  Why?  Because you always share a little personal 'jl tidbit' with us... and then you get down to business and teach us something we may not have been aware of or just rant about something we all were upset about but maybe couldn't express as eloquently.  It gives a feeling of belonging and that someone still cares about what's happening with online marketing.

Donna Maher

I think the thing that sets a great ezine apart from a good ezine is the personality of the publisher.  Those who are afraid to inject their personalities usually provide boring reading.  Of course, an ezine must contain valuable content but that doesn't mean that it can't also be interesting, funny, and entertaining.  Keep on doing what you're doing! .

Linda Offenheiser

As far as I'm concerned, your whole newsletter is not long enough.  I generally read it twice, keep up the good work.  We do need you.

John Cory, from France

Just to let you know, I love the iCop issues.  I look forward to every one of them, it has saved me a lot of unnecessary heartache, not to mention unnecessary wallet problems.  Now, I wait for your ezine before I check out anything.

Sylvia Garrett

Please KEEP the personal stuff. That's what makes your ezine so interesting. It's not so cut-and-dried that when it arrives I READ it, and do not trash it as I do so many, many others. Of course, I want the business stuff also. I have learned a great deal from your news.

Joni Groves

Just wanted to let you know that whenever I see your newsletter in my e-mail box, I click it on and read it immediately.  Like people read the newspaper, I read your ezine knowing that the information inside is important for the continual growth of not only me as a businesswoman, but also my e-zines!  You have been very helpful, and I always appreciate your insight.

Jan Tincher

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Online Business Trade Journal™

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